Welcome to Foundation Kariu


About us

The Kariu Foundation is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that is committed to the general well-being of residents of Kariu and sustainable development (Haruku) in the Moluccas. We only follow community-driven development principles in our work, because we believe in the power of local knowledge and thus put responsibility in the hands where it belongs. Community-driven development is characterized and builds relationships based on transparency, participation, local empowerment, personal responsibility and strong local capacity.

After the attack on Kariu

After the attack on Kariu on January 26, 2022, we united with our gandong from Pemuda BAKH Belanda (Gandong Booi, Aboru, Kariu and Hualoy) to quickly set up a relief effort for our families who have been sheltered in Aboru.

Fortunately, we quickly found each other as Gandong, because there was no nationally active foundation or kumpulan that acts in the interest of Kariu. That is why we have come together in the background as a group of Cariunians of the third generation to finally officially unite in a foundation with a new board and a committed team of ambassadors. We are in direct contact with the official representation of Kariu on Ambon and in the meantime we are working hard on further shaping the organization. Acute emergency aid via BAKH Pemuda, direct coordination with the team on Ambon, opening our own bank account and networking are now our highest priority.


Would you like to support the foundation and its goals personally, from a kumpulan or organization? Please contact us for all your questions and/or comments by filling in the contact form. Please send your name and contact details and we will contact you shortly.